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Tech Service Products provides NDT training in the following methods of testing. Course instructors are ASNT Level III certified with extensive industry experience. Our courses include the following methods.
Training programs are in line with Recommend Practice No. SNT-TC-1A (2006) established by The American Society for Non-Destructive Testing. Our courses fulfill the general classroom education requirements for the employer's certification program. The other components of the certification process, such as a Written Practice, Documentation of Work History, and Vision Test are the responsibility of the employer, as the certifying agency (see 2.1.2 Certifying Agency and 9.1 Certification). While these areas are not included in our schools, these components may be purchased as a separate service and are to be administered by our ANST Level III.

Practical examinations are included with the Limited UT Digital Thickness courses. However, practical examinations are not included with the magnetic particle or liquid penetrant courses. TSP offers practical exams as a separate service for these methods for the following reasons.

- Practical exam candidates should have sufficient on the job experience. Students in an open enrollment course range in experience from never having performed NDT inspection work to those with years of experience. Having practical exams as a separate service allows NDT managers to organize candidates efficiently.

- TSP believes that PT and MT practical exam candidates should be tested using the equipment they will use on a daily basis.

- PT and MT candidates should be tested using appropriate samples and methods unique to their daily work. This is more easily accomplished on-site.

Please contact us to discuss any of these other services or for customized NDT program service packages.

If you are participating in the Louisiana Incumbent Workers' Training Program (IWTP), please contact us to discuss these course offerings.

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