Our Top Selling NDT Products

Our Top Selling NDT Products
11/2/2015 11:45:01 AM

Here at TSP we pride ourselves in carrying the best-of-the-best Non-Destructive Testing supplies. Our products help NDT professionals ensure that their inspections and testing are done effectively the first time.

While all of our products are necessary for one non-destructive testing application or another, a few of them shine more than others. The following are our top-selling non-destructive testing supplies:

UV LightUV Light

Our powerful UV lamps empower NDT pros to complete their inspections more easily, in a safer manner, and with greater reliability. These non-destructive testing supplies come in a variety of models, including handheld and hands-free kits. We offer them with a variety of UV strengths, cooling fans, battery/service life lengths, and sizes. Their high-intensity output is designed for the ultimate inspection experience.


This magnetometer comes pre-calibrated, making it an excellent out-of-the-box non-destructive testing supplies solution for NDT workers. We have made additional certification available upon request (for an extra fee) to keep this item at an affordable price point, but still make instrument certification an option for those who require it.


Our magnetometer reads directly in gauss of a uniform magnetic field oriented parallel with the centerline of the instrument scale.

Lap Joint Vac Box

Here at TSP we stock top-quality vacuum devices, like our Lap Joint Vac Box, for dependable leak testing. After thorough field testing across a number of applications, we ensure that our vacuum boxes will stand up to even the most precise and demanding leak testing.

Lap Joint Vac Box

Our lap-joint vacuum boxes have a flat-bottomed box, making them ideal for testing lap joint welds on flat surfaces. This device uses compressed air with zero moving parts, a tough rubber gasket, and lightweight acrylic and shockproof design, making it not only lightweight but also durable.

CircleSafe 850A

Our CircleSafe aerosol is one of our most popular non-destructive testing supplies, as it is designed for use in visible-light inspections when looking for discontinuities in fabrications and weldments. The heavy particle concentration in water suspension has a particle size of 7 micrometers, allowing for the heavier indication build-up that easy detections require. For enhanced use, employ a black or blue light.

CircleSafe 850A

CircleSafe 850A can be used in temperatures up to 120 degrees F.

MPT YokeMPT Yoke

When it comes to electromagnetic particle inspection, there's no better device than our MPT Yoke--one of our continual best sellers. This ESX model yoke has a mechanical capacity from 0-12", weighs just 7lbs, can be used with dry powder, wet visible, or fluorescent, is compact and lightweight, and has shock-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced epoxy housing. The features continue on the MPT Yoke with Heyco strain reliefs and anodized end plates to stop cord rotation and a brass-contacts system to prevent cord shorts from arching. This unit is water resistant.

Flexible vac box

Our flexible vac box is the ideal tool for non-destructive testing supplies for welds on a radius, either convex or concave. Note however that it will only work on a curved surface. These units operate on compressed air and have an available vacuum-pump configuration option (upon request).

Flexible Vac Box

All our vacuum devices, including the flexible vac box, have been field tested over numerous applications and feature lightweight acrylic and tough rubber gaskets. These rugged yet lightweight vacuum boxes are designed to last, especially with the air-injector design that means no moving parts.

Magnetic flux indicators

These flexible indicators are used during the magnetic particle testing process to detect the necessary levels of magnetic field strength and their directional orientation. The permeable magnetic steel is perfectly placed between two brass plates, which is ideal for repetitive use during wet and dry applications.

Magnetic Flux Indicators

The three milled slots come in three widths預ll with a common depth.

GPX MarkersGPX Markers

Markers aren't just Sharpies when it comes to NDT testing. Our GPX markers are able to markup various NDT materials, including metal, wood corrugated, rubber, plastic, glass, and porous and non-porous materials. These markers are fast-drying and fade-resistant up to 500 degrees. This durability is surely why these action markers are one of our top-selling non-destructive testing supplies.

Non-Destructive Testing Supplies Top Sellers

The products mentioned in this article are our top non-destructive testing supplies. But while these are our top sellers, there are ample products (especially those that don't need to be replaced over time) that you may need for your non-destructive testing needs. For specific advice on you need for your job, never hesitate to give us a call ... Tech Service Products is here to help.

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